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October 2015 - adaQuest

Creating a Connected Community through Vision Realization (TAD)

June 2014 - Michelle Miller


Everyone has  a role


October 2013 - Pat Vivian


Organizational Trauma presentation


June 2013 - Marc Fogel


Implementing Performance Management In Turbulent Times


April 2013 - Lonnie Lusardo


Tracking the Success of Inclusive Diversity Practices: Reaching Beyond Middle-Aged Straight White Men” slides


March 2013 - Panel


February 2013 - Diane Vreyens & Kathleen Holmes


Action Learning: Minimum input, maximum output



January 2013 - Jean Singer

Ecology of Design in Human Systems


October 2012 - Vicki Stasch

October 2012 PNODN presentation notes


March 2011 ~ Nalani Linder

Using the MBTI to Facililtate System Thinking in Groups - Modified and improved slides from Nalani Linder’s presentation on Systems Thinking and Myers Briggs Typologies – 3/21/2011


February 2011 ~ Robert Spencer

How Change Programs Fail


January 2011 ~ Yolanda Christianson & Chris Sakas

Mastering an Individual OD Sales Strategy


December 2010 ~ Peggy Holman

A Theory & Practice for Turning Upheaval into Opportunity


November 2010 ~ Tonya M. Peck & Alex M. Dunne

iPads & Organizations: Using Desing Methods as OD Interventions


October 2010 ~ Ric Oslin

Aligning Strategy, Culture and Leadership


September 2010 ~ Dan Oestreich

Cracking the Code of Defensive Leadership: strategies for Self, Others & Organizations


June 2010 ~ Pat Hughes

Creating Gracious Space: A Practice for Leadership Consultants


May 2010 ~ Michael Linfield

The Heart of Consulting: the practice of bringing who we are to what we do ~ An Evening of Exploration. The Natural Art of Consulting by Michael Linfield.


April 2010 ~ Rose Singer

Experience the Wisdom Circle Process. Poem from meeting.


March 2010 ~ Lucy Garrick

Open Your System For Collaboration: How is social media changing organizational life and behavior?


February 2010 ~ Collaborative Conversations


January 2010 ~ Sam Magill

Raising the quality of our consulting by becoming more fully human and more attentive to the complex relationships at play in any consulting project.


December 2009 ~ Shannon Patterson & Denise Morris Kipnis

Identity and Culture: Exploring the OD practitioner's entry point into organizations considering, experiencing, or secretly desiring, Deep Change


November 2009 ~ Iris Lemmer & Clayton Gridley

Communities of Practice as an Organizational Learning and Change Strategy


October 2009 ~ National OD Network Conference in Seattle

September 2009 ~ Kathleen Ryan

Extraordinary Groups: How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results


June 2009 ~ Mary Tolena & Jú LinaresJun

Practical Chaos, Emergence, & Synchrony: A Rhythmic Learning Laboratory


May 2009 ~Wing It Games

Using Improv to build Collaborative Capacity


April 2009 ~Josh Epperson and Ron Carucci

Generative Leadership ~ the key to building sustainability


April 8, 2009 ~ Sustainability SIG

This special interest group will be assembling for the purpose of developing an assessment tool in collaboration for use in our practices. The group will run for 6 months (April-October) and will be a collaborative effort to establish a standard for practice. Check in here for details.


March 2009 - Susanne Baessler

Evolutionary Management: Learning from nature and evolution for OD to increase sustainability


February 2009 - Russell Wright

Is OD Dead or Can Sustainability Revive It?


January 2009 - Stephanie Ryan

Sustainable Business Certification: B Corporation

For Additional information about B Corporations and the B Corp founders ~ a recent article from On Earth Magazine.


December 2008 - Jeff McAuliffe

Lean and Green with Jeff McAuliffe


November 2008 -

Transformation in Turbulent Times


October 2008 - Travis Green

Green OD: Organizational Development in a Green Economy


April 2008 - Dr. Kellee Franklin

HPT Defined

HPT Model

April PowerPoint Presentation

Member Articles

500 Years of Leadership Theory Challenging Self-Knowledge by Lucy Garrick



PNODN Book List 2004/2005
This list of books was taken from submissions by members and friends of the Puget Sound OD community during our 2004 inquiry survey.

This list speaks to the diversity and value of our OD community as a professional resource. The list offers everything from systems theory to leadership, change to conflict resolution, economy, self-marketing, networking, spirituality, consulting, personal development, fiction and field books. We are pleased to offer it here as a professional resource. Books are listed in alphabetical order by title.

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