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  • 2016 NW Diversity Learning Series

2016 NW Diversity Learning Series

  • 19 Jan 2016
  • 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Downtown Nordstrom Store-J.W. Nordstrom Meeting room, 5th floor


Institute for Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion

2016 NW Diversity Learning Series


Archbright has transitioned the NW Diversity Learning Series, a collaborative effort sponsored by a number of companies and organizations (including Nordstrom, Boeing, Alaska Airlines, Outerwall, Weyerhaeuser, Port of Seattle, and others) to a new home, the Institute for Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion (ISDI), a non-profit organization founded by Barbara Deane and Effenus Henderson in November 2015.    ISDI will be responsible for the management of the series beginning in 2016.

About the Institute:  ISDI is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of educating, supporting and collaborating with key stakeholders on ways to leverage differences and practice inclusion to enhance individual and organizational success. 

  • ISDI Vision: Forging direction and setting the pace for the Pacific Northwest to be known as a world-class pluralistic and inclusive society where all people can live, learn, work and thrive.

ISDI will concentrate its initial efforts on ensuring the continued success of the NW Diversity Learning Series in 2016 as well as the development of a multi-year framework for educating, convening and supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives in the Pacific Northwest.  

Longer-term strategic framework:

·         Continue to enhance the effectiveness of the NW Diversity Learning Series

·          Explore ways to build capacity for change at the systems level (such as for new people coming into the field)

·          Engage leaders to adopt inclusive leadership practices

·          Align & integrate D&I into organizational processes (i.e. Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, HR Analytics)

·          Strengthen stakeholder engagement and collaboration (enlist Boards of Directors, outreach to and engage community and government organizations, develop partnerships and collaborative approaches)

·          Increase innovation and agility to adapt to changing communities and organizations

 2016 NW Diversity Learning Series

ISDI will continue providing the morning half-day sessions for employees, managers and Diversity Champions on emerging issues that can be adapted to the work environment.  The topics will be framed around the practice of inclusion and provide participants with concepts, tools, and activities that strengthen understanding and learning at the individual and group levels.

Additionally, afternoon sessions will be held with each workshop leader to help strengthen understanding and build capacity among diversity leaders and HR professionals.

The following is an overview of the theme and the sessions planned for the morning workshops.

The Practice of Inclusion must continue during disruptive times.  The 2016 Series will frame the sessions against the backdrop of “disruption.”  Each session will present a critical issue, identify important disruptive forces, and provide suggested solutions (such as, processes, tools, behaviors, action plans).  Participants will be involved in interactive and experiential learning where they explore issues and case studies, role model appropriate behavior, and practice it.

Theme:  The Practice of Inclusion In Times of Disruptive Change

Number of Sessions:  Six

2016 Dates (All sessions will be at the Downtown Nordstrom Store-J.W. Nordstrom Meeting room, 5th Floor, 8:30 am to 12:00 pm):

Session One:  Tuesday, January 19

Session Two:  Thursday, March 10

Session Three: Tuesday, May 24

Session Four:  Thursday, July 28 (tentative)

Session Five: Tuesday, September 20

Session Six: Thursday, November 3


·         Session 1:  The dilemmas of difference: Unpacking the Practice of Inclusion

If diversity is good for us, why is it so difficult?  The practice of inclusion can help us answer this question and gain diversity's promise.  In this session, we will explore the various facets and nuances of inclusion and address the inherent dilemmas of working with and across differences.

Presenters: Bernardo Ferdman and Barbara Deane, editors, Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion (Published by Jossey-Bass Wiley & The Society of Industrial and Industrial Psychology, 2014).

(Please note: the order of topics and titles may shift slightly as we work with presenters.)

·         Session 2: Subliminal Racism and Overt Bias:  Disrupting silence and collusion

·         Session 3: Collisions of values, beliefs and worldviews:  Navigating intercultural conflicts

·         Session 4: Multiple, yet unclear identities:  Who am I? Who are you? How do we work together, and why? 

·         Session 5: The demographic explosion:  Building relationships amidst shifting power and preferences

·         Session 6: Shakeup of traditional networks:  Realizing the innovative power of employee groups, business groups and councils

Sponsorships and Subscriptions:  Organizations can participate at one of the following levels.  Each sponsorship level includes a number of seats per session.

Sponsorship Levels:

  • Platinum Level:   $30,000 (25 seats per session)
  • Gold Level:  $20,000 (17 seats per session)
  • Silver Level:  $12,000 (10 seats per session)
  • Bronze Level:  $6,000 (5 seats per session)


§         Subscriber:  $1,200 (1 seat per session); after January 1, 2016 cost is $1,350

For More Information:

Please feel free to contact Barbara Deane or Effenus Henderson at the following:

§         Barbara Deane – 206-362-0336, Email: barbara@diversitycentral.com

§         Effenus Henderson – 253-229-3691, Email: Effenus.henderson@gmail.com

Our new website will be available soon.

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