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  • PNODN April 2012 Meeting - Making a Business Case for Your Professional Services

PNODN April 2012 Meeting - Making a Business Case for Your Professional Services

  • 16 Apr 2012
  • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Mercer Island Community and Event Center, 8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040
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  • Members of the current PNODN Board of Directors
  • Anyone who is not a current PNODN member
  • PNODN Member who has pre-registered

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Making a Business Case for Your Professional Services

Whether consulting from the inside or outside, developing a business case for our expertise is often perilous, not to mention painful. This session provides a framework for holding business acquisition discussions with prospective clients, focused on need recognition that can dramatically improve the odds of landing an engagement, or, if you are an internal consultant, approval to move forward with an project.
Consultants of all stripes, coaches, project managers, large-value sales people – anyone who does not have the decision-making authority to implement change in an organization, will probably find this session worthwhile.

It is intended to be a solution and, as you will learn if you attend, solutions only derive value from two things: the extent they solve problems and/or achieve results. You will find the time and money you spend on this session acquires you a solution if you are looking to solve these problems and/or achieve these results:

Problem: You don’t feel that openly sharing your current system for business development with your client would help you gain the work.

Problem: You didn’t get into consulting to sell & you do not like selling

Problem: You give away too much of your time& expertise in your attempt to land an engagement.

 Result: You want to get some ideas about how to judge when to pull the plug on a potential project rather than wasting your time & the time of your client going down some rabbit hole.

Result: You wish you had a systematic way of thinking & talking through a business opportunity.

Bonus Opportunity: You have never been thanked by the person you are selling to for being helpful during the sales call.

The strategies from this session can be applied to building highly persuasive cases for problem resolution on teams and projects as well. The model teaches logical analysis and critical thinking skills that are profoundly applicable to many other life challenges in and outside of work: job interviews, restaurant decisions, prioritizing time, goal-setting and others.

Consultative selling is not new. What’s new is the capacity this step-by-step model builds among practitioners (internal and external) to create sound business cases for their professional services. Anyone with a strong connection to their work can get trapped thinking our truths are self-evident. It doesn’t take long in the business acquisition cycle to see that such is not the case; so having a solid pathway for talking through client needs builds relevance for our expertise.


“…Thank you for the presentation you gave last week to BCODN. In all honesty, for me, it was the most powerful and relevant presentation I have attended with BCODN (British Columbia Organization Development Network) or ICF (International Coaching Federation) – many thanks.“ ~Martha S. (2-hour introductory session)


Speaker Bio
Larry Birckhead, M.A. (Psychology): Born out of his own challenges as an internal and external OD consultant, and passionate with ideas, Larry began searching for a methodology that would help him become as persuasive as possible. Deep in understanding about human change and motivation, educated in counseling and psychology, having run his own business and managed in others, he has cobbled together a model, a way of thinking about a set of strategies and skills for having mutually respectful business development conversations that seem to maximize the chances of landing an engagement. Selling is a dirty word for most people since selling has been done so poorly for decades. Wanting only to help, Larry didn't like seeing himself as a "salesman" but realized that until someone wanted to "buy" his knowledge and skills, he couldn't make a living in his chosen field. He uncovered the strategies and processes you will see tonight from many sources and now wants to help you move through the same transformation he did to find solutions that truly meet the needs of your clients. What you will experience tonight are some of the top-level ideas distilled from a two-day workshop he delivers called "Selling Your Consulting Services".

Website URL: www.habitshift.com



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$17 Non members when pre-paid & pre-registered

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$20 Walk in rate for non members

$10 for students pre-registered or walk in



6:00 - 6:30 pm We gather – Arrival, Registration & Opening (Refreshments served)

6:30 – 8:00 pm Topic Presented

8:00 – 8:30 pm We wrap up, evaluation, & closing announcements 

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