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Member Benefits

We offer the following and much, much, more:

    • Thought Provoking Monthly Programs - This year alone we have had 3 ODN Lifetime Achievement Award Winners and have more on the docket for early next year!

    • Professional Development Trainings (build your OD toolkit!) - We have just started our professional development series and will continue to teach and train in core OD skills and topics.

    • Communities of practice (share cases with common professionals). Groups are forming today for on going communities of practice to learn from like professionals and spread your knowledge.

    • Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) from the University of Washington at Tacoma. 
    • Special Discounts (on providers of tried and true OD tools and trainings). By joining PNODN you get up to 15% off of key offerings from the following organizations. (And more are on the way) BTW - if you are considering any of these amazing programs, understand that by joining PNODN, then taking the program, it will cost you less than taking the program without becoming a member of PNODN.

  • Partnerships with the following organizations that extend their member discounts to our members.

  • Participate in stimulating Linked-In and Facebook social networking groups. We are just starting our social media campaign to promote, engage, and build community.

  • Mentor or be mentored - PNODN has a wide range of people entering the field and people with years experience. There are many opportunities to mentor or be mentored.

  • Searching for work? We decided to help you with your job search by providing step by step instructions on how to search for Organization Development jobs on the various job search sites on the net. Join and gain instant access our job coaching page.

  • Share your knowledge (present a monthly program, conduct a training)

  • Be Part of a Growing Community of Practitioners - Membership is up and we are just starting outreach, come join a supportive network of professionals.

  • Be a member of the local chapter of the National Organization Development Network and other affiliate organizations.

  • Participate in Networking Events or better yet, host an event!

We are excited about many things at PNODN. We have a thriving active board, amazing volunteers, and great members. Our goal is to expand and provide the Pacific Northwest business and OD community with the resources, tools and thought leadership needed to meet every business challenge and develop its people along the way!

"PNODN" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

PO Box 46107, Seattle, WA 98146

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