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PNODN is a professional organization cultivating knowledge. A network fostering collaboration and a community engaging one another. We are committed to developing personal, organizational, and community capacity to realize relevant and compelling results. 


Organization Development is a dynamic values-based approach to systems change in organizations and communities; it strives to build the capacity to achieve and sustain a new desired state that benefits the organization or community and the world around them.

Our Fall is shaping up nicely:

     October 16th  -  What is Design Thinking 

With Alex Dunne and Tonya Peck



What is Organization Development?

A great video about OD!


Presentation Proposal Request


Pacific Northwest Organizational Development Network is committed to a standard of excellence in promoting the practice of OD as a field central to continuous improvement and innovation in organizations and communities which are productive, effective, healthy, and sustainable. Proposals are currently being accepted for the 2017-2018 program year. Please click here for more information.






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 OD Consultant   posted 8/22/17

PNODN encourages employers to send us OD job postings. They will be posted at no charge.  


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Upcoming Events

05 Oct 2017 8:30 AM • Lynnwood Conference Center
16 Oct 2017 6:00 PM (PDT) • Mercer Island Community and Event Center
30 Oct 2017 8:30 AM (PDT) • Mercer Island Community and Event Center

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