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Hello PNODNers!

Summer is upon us. This year we will remain strong and active throughout the summer months!

The board is working hard to create a vibrant PNODN with greater outreach and impact in our community.

To keep you up to speed here is a progress report.

  • Re-Vamped Website. You may have noticed we have overhauled the website. Check out the new look, feel, and sections.
  • Member Discounts.  I have already acquired several discounts (up to 15%) on core OD offerings and several more are in the works. To find them go to Member Network, Member Discounts on the website.
  • Exciting Programs.  By year’s end, at least 4 OD Network Lifetime Achievement Award Winners will have presented in addition to a stellar line-up of leading edge OD topics. A sampling of the titles includes, We vs. They: A Look at Dogmatism and How it Can Manifest Itself from Both Sides of the Political Spectrum and Show Up in Your Practice, and From Retributive to Restorative Justice: A Mutual Inquiry Model Related to Racial Bias and Equity, among others.
  • Professional Development Trainings. In the constant flow of new OD practices and theories, sometimes the basic tools in OD get lost in the shadows.Tried and true OD tools are a critical part of any practitioner's tool kit. We are bringing them back with our new OD Toolkit Series which offers trainings that enhance practitioners’ core skills. We will start running trainings in July and ramp up fully by the Fall. Scroll down to see the the first two in the series. 
  • Communities of Practice. Starting in July we will organize 3 or 4 communities of practice (consult groups). Watch our website and be ready to sign up as these will be focused with limited attendees (6 to 10). These communities will be facilitated in such a way that practitioners will share cases and learn from each other within a frame which facilitates learning by combining core OD concepts with the technical skills of the participants in their specific areas of practice. 
  • Network Events. Coffee anyone? Soon we will have a few network events that are just about meeting and talking. No program and no fee. We want get together all over so if you want to host an event just let us know and we will put it on the website. Yes, I am talking to people up North, down South, and on the East side. I will hold one near downtown soon.
  • Member Directory. Please take a chance to look at our member directory. While we will never be LinkedIn, we will continue to update it over the next few months so it is a networking directory rather than a list. I invite you to add your picture and contact info. You never know when you may be contacted by someone to collaborate on a life changing assignment. Please have patience with us over the next few months as we develop this area to be more functional and send out instructions on what member fields show up where. 

We need your help!

  • Volunteers Needed. We have many needs to fill so we can expand our community. If you are interested in assisting with social media, writing newsletters, updating the web site, or if you have other ideas on how to help, please send us an email. We need active volunteers willing to help spread the news and build PNODN.
  • Outreach Planning Session. Coming soon we will have an outreach planning session which will involve inviting willing participants from our business community to help us learn directly from them and how we can engage and build outreach that brings internal practitioners and leaders together.
  • PNODN is a Thriving Support System. Our aim is to build a supportive community where we share talent and knowledge, have meaningful experiences, and foster the connections needed to flourish in our work. Envision the possibilities and bring your talent, ideas, energy and feedback as we strive to be an example of the best of OD!

Finally, I have had wonderful conversations with many of you and am overwhelmed and motivated by the outpouring of positive and constructive feedback. My aim is to continue to strive to create the best PNODN possible with your assistance.

Thank you for being part of PNODN! 


Chris Crosby


Chris Crosby

PNODN President


Pacific Northwest Organization Development Network (PNODN) is a professional organization cultivating knowledge, fostering collaboration, and a community engaging one another. We are committed to developing personal, organizational, and community capacity to realize relevant and compelling results.

Organization Development is a dynamic values-based approach to systems change in organizations and communities; it strives to build the capacity to achieve and sustain a new desired state that benefits the organization or community and the world around them.

"PNODN" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

PO Box 46107, Seattle, WA  98146

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