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Events From Our Partners

Events with pnodn

PNODN is a supportive community where we share talent and knowledge, have meaningful experiences, and foster connection and inspiration to flourish in our work.

In order to capture lessons learned from the pandemic, the Board would like to keep the inclusion that online programming has allowed us to offer. To that end, for the time being we are planning to keep our programming virtual- we hope that this will allow those with busy schedules to more easily participate, and to continue to include a wider range of participants from many locations.

Moving into 2024, we will continue to have an in person event every June in collaboration and partnership with ATDps, ICF Washington and Seattle SHRM. We will also have a year end gathering in person every December to celebrate each other, life, and our calling to OD.

As we shift our programming, we will have workshops and community sessions augmented by events in our Partnership Series, which are held in collaboration with regional affiliate ODN's from across the US and Canada. In order to reflect that, the Board has voted to reduce prices for workshops to match the pricing of monthly presentations. Beginning April 10, all PNODN sessions will be priced at $15 for members, $25 for non-members and $10 for students & seniors.

We are also responding to a call for more networking by offering a full 90 minutes of pure networking and connection time every 4th Thursday at 5:30pm. These sessions are free and open to the public, so bring your friends! Please note:  There will be no Thursday networking in June (due to the in person program noted above), and no November or December sessions because of the holidays.

We strive to host events that are relevant and exciting to external and internal Organization Development professionals, students, project managers, business leaders, and change agents. During our events, we learn together and grow the network of professionals supporting best outcomes for business & public service professionals in the Puget Sound.

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Partnership Series

At our heart, PNODN is about connection. Connecting our members to each other, to great learning, and to other OD practitioners around the world. We are honored to be a part of the first of its kind Collaborative Partnership model, where we share programming produced by ODN regional affiliates and invite those affiliates to our events as well.

In this way, we promote sustainability for all regional ODN's by lessening the workload of production while still providing all of our members with great content. And we build broader conversations that cross regional experiences, bring more people to the room and make space for new ideas.


We know that practitioners out in the world, including our members, practice a wide variety of workshops, retreats, events and gatherings. There are many ways to facilitate a learning session! With our Workshops, we open up the formatting for our learning sessions and let the presenters choose how they would like to share what they know. We offer two workshops per month in general, though sometimes these are done in Partnership.

Our workshops are rooted in the needs of our membership - sometimes deeply practical, sometimes an exploration of OD itself, and sometimes learning to stimulate the best practitioner in all of us. Always, we seek to bring you the best of what we know and to open the doors to what is emerging.

Community Connections

We know that sometimes the most meaningful connections happen outside of the content. Therefore, we offer pure networking opportunities for people to take advantage of the benefits that come from connecting with others that share a passion for OD. Our intention is to increase access to the rich network of OD professionals throughout the city in a diversity of formats. Events can be recurring or stand alone. All networking events are FREE!

If you don’t see a networking event for you, consider hosting your own.

Upcoming Connection Events

Some event topics include:

  • Change Management
  • DEI + Belonging, Justice, Liberation
  • Transition
  • Metrics and Assessments in OD
  • OD and Technology
  • Culture Change
  • Mixed Interventions
  • Leadership Development
  • International OD
  • Consulting
  • Systems Thinking
  • Business Literacy for OD
  • Organizational Design
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Team Building/Development
  • Marketing OD Services
  • Collaboration
  • Coaching
  • Strategic Project Management
  • Action Learning

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Our mission is to connect, engage,
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