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What we do together is often greater than what we can do alone. Indeed, it is a core element of our work in Organization Development that we are centered in the places where people and systems come together to effect change. PNODN is no different.

We are honored and excited to partner with organizations in the PNW and beyond who are making learning, systems change, and people the center of their missions. These organizations are doing good work, adding to the collective good of our world and their work aligns with and elevates the field of OD. We are actively engaged in growing these partnerships and dreaming big about what we might achieve in collaboration with so many smart, talented, and caring people.

Please check out what they're all about! Your PNODN membership gets you discounted entry to events and programs offered by these partners... click HERE to find discount codes! (You must be signed in as a PNODN member to access that page.)

Association for Talent Development, Puget Sound Chapter

Create a world that works better by empowering professionals to develop talent in the workplace.  The Puget Sound Chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATDps) is a local association committed to talent development professionals in the Puget Sound area. We are here for our members and the broader talent development community in the Puget Sound.

Institute for Sustainable Diversity & Inclusion (ISDI)

The Institute for Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion (ISDI) is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of educating, supporting and collaborating with key stakeholders on ways to leverage differences and practice inclusion to enhance individual and organizational success. ISDI is forging direction and setting the pace for the Pacific Northwest to be known as a world-class pluralistic and inclusive society where all people can live, learn, work and thrive.

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Puget Sound Project Management Institute (PSPMI)

The Puget Sound Chapter of the Project Management Institute is part of an international nonprofit professional organization dedicated to advancing project management excellence through professionalism. PMI is the leading worldwide project management association. The Puget Sound Chapter is among the largest of its Chapters in the United States.

Obtaining a PMI certification is key to effective project management and critical to any project managers job search. Organization development holds many components to successful project implementation. Forging a relation between PNODN and PS-PMI is an important acknowledgement of the interaction between the two communities.

Learn more at:

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Crosby & Associates

The T-Group is the social invention that kick started Organization Development. Robert Crosby successfully adapted the T-Group for industry and then used it as an important culture-change tool. Crosby & Associates holds two public T-Group offerings a year called Tough Stuff™.

Tough Stuff™ is an experiential-based training in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for all levels of employees. Participants will gain higher level interpersonal skills and an understanding of core organizational systems theory which will strengthen their ability to achieve results.

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The Human Element

Will Schutz is the creator of the Human Element and Firo-B and well known in the field of OD. This tool is a simple yet powerful way to understand human interaction. The aim of The Human Element is to maximize individual, team, and organizational potential and to shift the way in which people work together and solve problems.

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Institute of Organization Development (IOD)

The Institute of Organization Development has an online OD Certification program that teaches the basics of Action Research, which is core to OD. IOD offers online OD Certification Programs for those interested in advancing in the field of OD.

If you are interested in joining, you can register at

For more information, please contact

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Leadership Spectrum Profile

Mary Lippitt, Daughter of Gordon Lippitt, one of the pioneers of the field of Organization Development, has created a unique context-based assessment tool.

The Leadership Spectrum Profile® (LSP) advances critical thinking by offering a results oriented framework to analyze alternatives and address pressing challenges. The LSP contributes to sound decision making, smart goal setting and effective implementation planning. Using six Mindsets, leaders effectively manage competing, changing demands and avoid blunders.

For further information on the LSP please visit for the FAQ.

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Learning in Action EQ Profile

The EQ Profile is a powerful tool for coaches and consultants. It can be used in a multitude of ways such as coaching, work group development, and as part of a leadership development program.

Get certified in the most powerful EQ instrument available that captures what is actually happening internally instead of how one perceives themselves in conflict. The report provides an overview of how an individual is likely to use his or her emotional competence in various stressful situations.

Learn how to use the EQ Profile to see what’s going on “under the hood” of your clients, revealing the patterns and blindspots and deepening your client relationships.

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Oregon OD Network

ODN serves current and aspiring practitioners, consultants and educators, who are internal and /or external, in Organization Development (OD) and related fields.

They also service managerial leaders across disciplines whose success is tied to creating highly successful work groups.

Learn more at

Scherer Leadership Center

The Scherer Leadership Center has developed a network of practitioners in John Scherer’s unique gestalt based training called the Leadership Development Intensive (LDI). LDI builds on your strengths and helps you discover and use capabilities you may have not known you possessed, or ones you have been reluctant to use. Sessions are designed to challenge your current way of thinking, to relax and strengthen your body, to expand the ways you manage yourself, thus maximizing your performance—and the performance of those around you.

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Tracom Group, The Social Intelligence Company

SOCIAL STYLE® was created by David Merrill and Roger Reid, the original founders of The TRACOM Group. The SOCIAL STYLE Model™ is a practi­cal and simple way to explore how one interacts with another. The Model frames different operating Styles as a potentially huge diversity issue within organizations. It can be given alone and as a powerful part of an offsite or work team development activity. SOCIAL STYLE is incredibly useful when working with intact work teams, especially ones that have been working together for a while.

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"PNODN" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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