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Host a Networking Event!

"We Are Better Together”

Doing the work of OD is enriching.  And helping organizations work through difficult issues can take its toll. Building a supportive community where we share talent and knowledge, have meaningful experiences, and foster the connection and inspiration we desire to flourish in our work - PNODN helps us do just that!  So join us.  Envision the possibilities, bring your talent, ideas, energy and feedback as we connect around the best of OD!

Networking in the OD community

We are looking for energized PNODN members to host networking events. Our goal is to have events Downtown, South, North, and on the east side of the Seattle metro area. Oh, and we expand the Seattle metro area to include the entire west side! In fact, if you live any where in the Pacific Northwest and want to host a gathering, large or small, we will support you in your efforts! Each gathering will allow PNODN members to build and enrich the community of local OD practitioners.

Beyond the content-focused engagements that PNODN offers (e.g. monthly programming, Professional Development workshops, special events, Communities of Practice, and more), we know that sometimes the most meaningful connections happen outside of the content.  Therefore, we want to build pure networking opportunities for people to take advantage of the benefits that come from connecting with others that share a passion for OD.  Our intention is to increase access to the rich network of OD professionals throughout the city in a diversity of formats.

Please submit a proposal for a networking event! 

Let’s connect!

The growing PNODN network is getting freshly engaged on every level - and that includes expanding networking opportunities for OD practitioners across the region, and those excited to learn more.  

Have you wanted to make new connections outside your current OD circle?  Have you been looking for a fun and organic way to keep your ideas fresh, innovative and evolving?  Have you wanted to the chance to swap success stories with colleagues?  Have you been eager to learn more about who is out there making impactful change in our business community and beyond?  Perhaps you want to tie threads together across sectors.  Is there a dilemma you'd love to gain perspective about, ideally with another OD practitioner who is outside of your organization?  Have you been looking for more of "your people" who like to move beyond small talk to discourse around how to bring people and groups into their capacity?  Or perhaps you just like to hang out with really great people - OD people...

If so…

Host or join a Networking Event, and find what you’ve been looking for!

Think about topics you want to learn more about and come ready to seek input with a group of people who care about the same things you do (and who are at least familiar with the acronym OD).  Consider some best practices you've seen within your organization and the pitfalls you can help others avoid.  Bring your stories, your insights, your queries and your business cards so the network of support can grow for our region's professional landscape.


Since the goal is purely to connect, all you need to do is to bring yourself!  


We are looking for hosts for networking opportunities in a diversity of settings, neighborhoods and formats!  Your event can be as simple as a meeting at the local coffee shop, to a happy hour in your neighborhood, to a BBQ or wine night at your home, to a picnic on the beach of Lake Washington. Should you want to add in a bit more complexity, perhaps offer an OD book club meeting, or bring some IDEO cards to the gathering?  Whatever is fun and exciting for you – that will be a perfect invitation for others to join and learn? 

Are you hooked? Here’s what you need to do:

1. E-mail a short proposal (no more than 1 page), include a brief description (150 words or less), the date (or dates if recurring), the location name and address, your contact information and bio (high res pic and a couple sentences about you) to outreach@pnodn.org

2. Expect to receive an acknowledgment from the Outreach Director within 7-10 business days. Please make sure you include the description and bio as those are used by us to create an event.

Thank you.

Join us and we'll learn together and grow the network of professionals supporting best outcomes for business professionals in the Puget Sound.  We are excited to meet you!

Thanks for contributing to the success of PNODN!



"PNODN" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

PO Box 46107, Seattle, WA 98146

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