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Trust Assessment Certification being offered July 21 - 22nd in Tukwila

July 21, 2017 8:00 AM | Ann Baus (Administrator)

Reina Trust Assessment Certification to support teams and leaders

Empower your clients to measurably improve every aspect of leadership effectiveness, teamwork, and organizational performance through TRUST.

If you are a consultant, facilitator, or coach who aspires to help leaders and teams build trust in the workplace, consider adding the research-based Reina Trust Assessments to your professional toolbelt.

With these tools, you can support leaders and teams to effectively:

✓ Break down silos to stimulate collaboration

✓ Achieve greater potential

✓ Make transformation happen

✓ Communicate with confidence and openness and watch profits grow

✓ Recognize the immense potential for positive, lasting organizational change

✓ Deepen engagement through trust

Reina, A Trust Building Consultancy, is offering a unique, DUAL Team and Leadership Trust Assessment Certification to qualified consultants, facilitators, and coaches.

Date: July 21st - July 22nd

Location: Tukwila, Washington

Fee: $1,500

This certification is for seasoned OD practitioners, facilitators and coaches who aspire to help leaders and teams build trust in the workplace. You will receive tools to help the leaders and teams you work with gain a complete picture of how their work environment is operating, help them to understand where trust is working for them, and where more work needs to be done.

As a Certified Trust Practitioner, you will have access to the Reina Team Trust Scale® and Reina Leadership Trust Scale® assessments. These rigorous Trust Scale® Assessments - a product of over 25 years of testing and development - are backed by science and established through real world, global application. Reina assessments are only available to Reina clients and Reina Certified Trust Practitioners.

THE REINA TEAM TRUST SCALE®: Fuel exceptional teamwork and collaboration.

✓ Teams learn the level of trust in their relationships.

✓ Gain a tool for open dialogue to break through barriers to collaboration.

✓ Pinpoint specific behaviors to practice to increase team productivity and exceed team objectives.

✓ Develop a concrete plan to leverage strengths, address vulnerabilities and take teamwork to the next level of performance.

THE REINA LEADERSHIP TRUST SCALE®: A 360-degree feedback tool to help leaders optimize their potential.

✓ Discover the level of trust in your workplace relationships.

✓ Learn what people most need from your leadership to feel engaged, take risks, tell you the truth and be accountable.

✓ Know specific areas to focus on to strengthen your leadership effectiveness.

Topics covered during the Trust Assessment Certification:

✓ The theoretical underpinning of the Reina trust assessments.

✓ What trust means: the behaviors that build it, and how they are measured.

✓ The subtle and not-so-subtle ways trust breaks down and how this vulnerability of trust impacts leadership effectiveness and team performance.

✓ The rich opportunity for transformation the breach of trust provides to leaders and teams.

✓ When and how to use the Team and Leadership Trust Assessments.

✓ Everything you need to deliver trust assessment feedback.

The Trust Assessment Certification will provide you with all of the resources needed to administer and provide feedback for the Team Trust Scale® and Leadership Trust Scale® assessments.

What Happens Next?

Please contact Amanda Fallon at afallon@reinatrustbuilding.com or via phone at 802 253-8808 (8:30 – 5:00 EST/USA) to learn the steps to take to enroll in this unique opportunity to help those you serve build trust.

Learn more about Reina at ReinaTrustBuilding.com

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