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Volunteer with PNODN!

We need your help!

Volunteers Needed. We have many needs to fill so we can expand our community.

We need help with -
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Writing Newsletters
  • Updating our website
  • Various Help at Programs
  • Other!!!!
If you are interested or if you have other ideas on how to help, please send us an email. Look at our board of directors page and email any board member or the president.

Board Members Needed. We are growing! We need several board members.

We are looking for -

  • Director of Social Media
  • Director of Communications
  • Director of Volunteers
  • Other?

The Social Media and Communications board positions will preferably have strong marketing knowledge.

The Director of Communications will write newsletters, focus on marketing, promote PNODN, and coordinating PNODN's message with the various other board members. You will work closely with all board members to further PNODN's goals. 

The Director of Social Media will build our social media presence up from the foundations already set and link with other key board members namely the Director of Communications, Research, Outreach and the President.

The Director of Volunteers will work closely with board members to learn the needs of volunteers and head a recruitment strategy to strengthen our community of volunteers and build a vibrant PNODN.

We have an amazing board that is full of vibrant professionals looking to build a linked community of OD practitioners. This is a very active board that have put their passion and love into PNODN to create a solid foundation that will thrive now and into the future. As a board member, beyond the camaraderie and satisfaction of working together to better the community, you also get free admission to all PNODN pay events.

If you have been watching our progress you can tell we are aggressive and excited about working together! Yet we cannot get there alone. We need active volunteers willing to help spread the news and build a stronger more vital, and more relevant PNODN.

Thank you so much for joining in on the fun!


Chris Crosby, President PNODN

"PNODN" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

PO Box 46107, Seattle, WA 98146

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