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By volunteering you can:

  • Learn by doing - Put OD theory into practice
  • Skill building
  • Meet new people
  • Connect meaningfully with your colleagues
  • Develop a professional network
  • Learn by doing
  • Boost your visibility
  • Influence the chapter’s efforts
  • Gain leadership experience
  • Give back to PNODN and your community
  • Have fun!

Volunteer with PNODN

As a non-profit organization, PNODN is primarily managed and supported by volunteers, and you can enhance the value of your  membership by sharing your time and talents. Volunteer opportunities exist no matter what level of time/effort you are able to commit. The network always tries to find a match between your interests and our volunteer needs.  Get the most out of your membership by becoming involved in PNODN operations and working with other members.

Volunteer Opportunities

Board of Directors

The PNODN Board of Directors is recruiting members interested in a leadership position.  

Open:  Board Member at Large
  President Elect (joining the board in 2016 for a year long onboarding)

The primary role of the board of directors is to facilitate a process for defining the organization's vision and mission. The board also works to help ensure PNODN delivers on its commitments to members and constituents, and holds legal and fiduciary responsibility for the organization.

Commitment: Time commitment for board members varies, but runs somewhere between 6-12 hours a month, depending on how ambitious and available the board member feels. In general there is a need to attend monthly board meetings which last 2-3 hours and a monthly program meeting which lasts 3 hours. Board members should be willing to attend these on a regular basis, although we understand that work and life happens.

PNODN Committees

Program Committee:

The program committee works with professionals from the OD community to plan and deliver provocative and exciting programs at each monthly meeting, held on the 3rd Monday of each month. Assists with the logistics of each meeting and welcoming the attendees to the meeting.

(4 additional needed)


Membership Outreach Committee:
The members outreach committee works with members of PNODN to create energy around member involvement, membership recruitment, retention and assessing member satisfaction.

(3 additional needed)

Volunteer Committee:

Assist in the recruitment of volunteers where assistance is needed.  Help to manage the volunteer experience with PNODN.

(2 people needed)

Alliance Committee:

This committee will work to establish and keep connections in the local community.  Strategic and Academic partnerships can provide benefits for PNODN and our partners. This committee will help to develop a strategic alliance plan and work to develop some terrific partnerships.

(2 additional people needed)

Communication Committee:

This committee will work on publishing a monthly newsletter, maintaining the website, act as a liaison between various local associations.  Social Media expertise would be welcomed.

(1 additional person needed)

Special Projects

A Special Projects volunteer works with the PNODN board, committees and other volunteers on special projects for fixed periods of time, such as a particular program meeting.



If you or someone you know might be interested in this valuable experience, please send an e-mail to info@pnodn.org  with your questions and a short statement about what you hope to gain and why you think you would be a good board member, committee member, or volunteer.

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