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We have open Board Positions!

To fill anticipated vacancies at the end of 2021 we are beginning our search for several key PNODN Board of Director positions.  Please reach out to the current board members about their role and contact Chris Crosby at president@pnodn.org when you are ready to step up and volunteer. All openings are for a 2-year term and most involve a commitment of 10 hours a month or less. New positions will begin January 2022 with onboarding starting October/November 2021.

UPDATE: We have filled the Co-President (!) and Director of Marketing roles. Yay! 

  • Treasurer - oversees the accumulation and disposition of the funds of the organization account for the same to the Board of Directors monthly and to the membership at least annually and oversee/ensure the accuracy of the financial records of the organization.
  • Director of Programming (New!) manages the implementation side of programming, including: setting up the yearly calendar of trainings and presentations; soliciting, selecting, and delivering timely trainings and programs that meet the needs of the membership; and driving attendance to PNODN programs.
  • Director of Marketing - sets and tracks marketing strategy and promotes PNODN brand and events on social media and other outlets.
  • Director of Volunteers assesses the volunteering needs of the Board, builds a pool of potential volunteers, and matches volunteers opportunities based on their skills and capacity.
  • Director of Research - collects, tracks, and reports on information for all areas of the organization to support informed decision making.
  • Something Else? - See something missing or think you have a talent better suited for some other role? Contact Chris Crosby (president@pnodn.org) or Jesse Endlund (volunteers@pnodn.org) to talk about how to put your passion and talent to work for PNODN!

You are ideal for a spot on the board if you

  • Are passionate about bringing OD perspectives and techniques to organizations you work with and work for
  • Want a chance to hone some new skills in a supportive group of other OD professionals
  • See an unmet need in the organization and are willing to step up and fill it
  • Can commit to attending monthly programs and board meetings, and are a member in good standing

Please reach out to the current board members below about their role and contact Chris Crosby at president@pnodn.org when you are ready to step up and volunteer.

Board of Directors

Chris Crosby is a consultant, Emotional Intelligence educator, and author of Strategic Organizational Alignment, published in 2016, and Strategic Engagement, published in 2018. Chris joins the board with roots that tie back to the explosion of Organization Development that started in 1946. His father, Robert Crosby, is his mentor of 25 years. Robert’s mentor of 29 years was Ronald Lippitt. Ronald Lippitt was one of Kurt Lewin’s top graduate students and part of the discovery of the T-Group.

Chris has worked internal and external doing Organization Development. He uses his unique understanding of systems thinking and authority in the workplace to help organizations successfully navigate critical projects, redesigns, mergers, software implementations, and culture change.

His leadership program uses a unique industry adapted Skills Training Group (T-Group) as the primary experiential learning method to build an engaged workforce that fosters ownership, commitment, alignment, and ultimately better business results. When not working, you may find him on Alki beach playing Volleyball.

Want to talk? Send Chris an email at President@pnodn.org

Julie Hankes wrote a mission statement as a teen: "To contribute to a world that more faithfully actualizes the potential of every person, no matter their background." Since writing that mission, I've spent every day of my career investing in the service, work, education and opportunities that further human capacity and potential, and studying the leadership, culture, and structures that make it all possible.

Our businesses and profound missions demand visionary leadership and thriving workplace culture - and our leaders crave precise support in cultivating and honing their optimal leadership style, tailored specifically to meet up with the vision and culture they lead. In this terrain, in which the rigorous protocol of coaching excels, I am especially passionate about working with leaders who thrive in service to potent missions and are looking to take their leadership to the next level - moving beyond solving problems to creating opportunity, leading leaders and cultivating thriving workplace culture where the best of everyone is present to the unique and profound challenges that make up the opportunity of our work and world.

Want to talk? Send Julie an email at VicePresident@pnodn.org

Azure Kraxberger-Unger, PsyD., originally from Alaska, currently works as a Revenue Cycle Education Specialist at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Her professional experience includes onboarding, employee engagement, organizational development, talent development, recruitment, training coordination, Learning Management System (LMS) management, and program management. Other professional areas of interest include learning & development, coaching, networking and corporate volunteering.

Her educational background includes a BS in Psychology, MA in Organizational Psychology and Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD) in Organizational Consulting. She enjoys traveling, cooking, SCUBA diving and volunteering for various causes in the Seattle community.

Want to talk? Send Azure an email at treasurer@pnodn.org

Vanessa Wyant focuses on helping people work better together by establishing organizational structures, alignment, and communication to support the growth and transfor

mation of individuals in order to optimize their function within a team. This includes goal setting, group facilitation, process improvement, project planning, performance evaluation, training and development, and data tracking and analysis.

To do this, she leverages her extensive experience in program leadership, project management, and teamwork for a habitat restoration and wildlife conservation non-profit where she was doing OD work before she knew what it was called! She holds a BA in Biology and can’t stop, won’t stop learning.

Currently, she volunteers her time to Seattle Goodwill’s Organizational Development and Training department and Seattle Public Library’s Homework Help program. She loves exploring city’s various parks, aka hidden treasures, and other natural wonders just beyond the city limits. If she’s not hiking, you’ll find her singing or dancing. Or maybe doing all three!

Want to talk? Send Vanessa an email at research@pnodn.org

Arielle T. Sullivan is a passionate change agent with deep expertise in the field of Organization Development. She brings a heightened awareness and intention to her client engagements, focusing on depth and higher purpose. She has experience leading large group interventions, culture change, senior leadership effectiveness, change navigation and organization design. Her vision is to leverage trans-organization capabilities and OD skills help systems become more conscious and sustainable. Arielle has held consulting roles both internally and externally in the U.S., France, Costa Rica, China, The Philippines and Indonesia. She has worked in retail, hospitality, aerospace, financial services, and telecommunications industries.  

Arielle is currently a consultant with Designed Learning and builds Flawless Consulting capability within organizations. She also is a lead consultant with her evolving family business, Conscious Transformation Agents. Arielle serves as a board member of the Pacific Northwest Organization Development Network. Annually, she partners with the Asian Organization Development Network to deliver transformational conferences in Asia. Arielle has a B.A. in International Business from the University of Iowa and a Masters of Science in Organization Development from Pepperdine University. In her free time, she works within her local Seattle community to drive social and environmental change.

Want to talk? Send Arielle an email at marketing@pnodn.org

Jesse A. Enlund is a Project & Change Management leader with a passion for guiding people and organizations through a change journey. Jesse has been on his own path and through a combination of opportunity and preparation, found his passion in Change Management. His last role as a Learning and Adoption Manager, leading training efforts for a large-scale technology implementation/change that spanned the globe, positioned him for a Senior Change Manager role to drive program and technical adoption and support for an upcoming merger.

Jesse has led a LGBT Employee Resource Group in Northern California. He has spearheaded educational opportunities, community service projects and professional development opportunities. When Jesse heard of the Director of Volunteers opportunity at PNODN he happily raised his hand and asked for the position!

When he's not working, he's often found bicycling, cooking, baking, mixing cocktails, or spending time with his partner Thomas and their two fur babies Lola (cat) and Ollie (dog).

Want to talk? Send Jesse an email at volunteers@pnodn.org

Jo Burkholder, PhD is an external consultant who approaches projects from the perspective of appreciative inquiry, ethnographic storytelling, and social justice. Their work focuses on creating equity and belonging through awareness, abundance thinking, and accountable action, forging a shared vision through thoughtful insight. With more than 20 years of experience working with higher education, government, and non-profit sectors, they excel at facilitation and training that welcomes people and invites deep personal and systemic exploration. Trained in qualitative analysis, they help organizations examine impacts, evaluate curricula, and generate new policies, procedures and programs to help people thrive and workplaces flourish.

They currently consult and coach with a number of organizations including Hire Wisdom, a creative, social-impact think tank, HR Uprise, offering employee-centered coaching that brings humanity back to HR, the Diversity Center of Seattle, and her own Terra Firma Cultural and Diversity Consulting. They hold multiple degrees in Anthropology from Wellesley College, UC Santa Barbara, and Binghamton University (SUNY). They have worked as a field biologist, registered archaeologist, iconographer, and a professor of Gender Studies. In addition to being a published author and professional speaker, they volunteer with the Racial Reconciliation and Social Justice team St. Luke's, Seattle and help to create aerial acrobatic art with The Cabiri (as a board member and front of house volunteer) and Versatile Arts (as a student and sometimes performer).

Want to talk? Send Jo an email at communications@pnodn.org

Melissa Kelii's life experience as a multi-million dollar business owner, designer, and proud parent, all inspire her in her unwavering tenacity to harness the wisdom and designer in all of us. Design brings hope. Hope for creative possibility.

Melissa received her master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, with a focus in Living Systems Organizational Design.  Her deep dive in discovering Living Systems design principles was a transformational touchstone that enabled her to embrace her vocation as a change agent and designer. In working with Melissa, you will learn the power of design thinking as an energizing approach that will bring out your creative genius and empower you and your teams to design resilient pathways to thrive. 

Melissa has successfully lead design initiatives for national healthcare organizations for over 20 years. Her approach leverages wisdom of a system to address the complexities and intersections of social innovation and place. Her clients experience results that include increased staff engagement, improvements in customer experience, and elevated business and facility performance.

Want to talk? Send Melissa an email at partnerships@pnodn.org

Lisa Ike’s personal mission is moving leaders to think larger, more provocatively about their impact on the employee experience so they can become a conduit for joy and inspiration. Throughout her years of consulting, leadership coaching and witnessing of employee disfranchisement, she has confirmed the penetrating influence of management on employee reality. Her counseling, organizational psychology and facilitation background have been exercised to galvanize leaders committed to humanistic work spaces, live and work with inclusive and equitable intention. As a change agent, she continues to transform spaces into healing containers where marginalized voices are amplified and emotive risk-taking is encouraged and embraced. 

Lisa holds a BA in criminal justice and psychology, MA in counseling psychology, PsyD in organizational development and a recent certification in embodied leadership. Her academic acquisitions and professional passions and advancements illustrate her strive for quality and desire for lasting learning and change. 

In her free time, she offers herself time to indulge psychological thriller novels along with new age narratives that provide her with a spiritual perspective. She loves anything outdoors from hiking, camping, running with her dog to biking along the coast and jumping off cliffs into ocean waters when her daring nature decides to take lead. 

Want to talk? Send Lisa an email at:  membership@pnodn.org

Dr. William Wurtz, better known by his nickname, Bud, has been a change agent for over 35 years, mostly for Fortune 100 and 500 companies as well as in private practice. While his work has encompassed a wide variety of OD interventions, Bud has become known nationally and internationally as a leader in the creativity movement, the crucial space to work in as the global economy goes through an epochal transformation from its previous industrial model to a new one based on creativity and knowledge.

Bud has always made continuous learning through involvement in, and leadership of, professional associations as part of his practice. For example, he started a OD SIG while president of the Kansas City ASTD chapter that was eventually spun off as the local affiliate of the OD Network. Bud earned the prestigious RODC (Registered Organization Development Consultant) designation from the OD Institute; published in the profession's flagship publication, The OD Journal; and earned certifications from NTL and been trained by such great OD thought leaders such as Peter Block, Marvin Weisbord, and Barry Oshry.

"PNODN" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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