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We have At least one open Board Position!

It's that time again! Our current Board will largely transition out at the end of this year, and we're looking for folks to step up and be a part of the joy and opportunity that make being on the PNODN Board so great!  Please reach out to the current board members about their role and contact Faith and Arielle at when you are ready to step up and volunteer. All openings are for a 2-year term and most involve a commitment of 10 hours a month. Our new board began January 2022.

We are currently seeking people to energize the following roles:

    Partnerships - oversees the outreach and coordination of partners throughout the US and different fields. This role is great for someone who sees the value in networking and collaboration and strives to elevate OD in rich partnership with others.

    Membership - oversees the coordination and alignment of member on boarding, outreach, and engagement strategies. Great for a person who wants to hold members as a sacred trust and heart for this organization and develop active pathways for meaningful engagement.

    Communications - oversees the design & implementation of outreach strategies. Holds responsibility for developing key communications collateral, weekly emails, and marketing assets in coordination with the Director of Marketing.

    Co-President - oversees the Board and stewards the organizations mission and vision with all members, partners, and others. Is responsible for the smooth functioning and viability of the organization moving forward. We operate in a shared leadership model - got a best friend you've been dying to work with? This is your chance to build shared power and lead a special organization into the future.

    Treasurer - oversees the accumulation and disposition of the funds of the organization account for the same to the Board of Directors monthly and to the membership at least annually and oversee/ensure the accuracy of the financial records of the organization. Please email for any questions!

    We believe in the power of our collective effort! If you feel called to help elevate OD, join us! You are ideal for a spot on the board if you-

    • Are passionate about bringing OD perspectives and techniques to organizations you work with and work for.
    • Want a chance to hone some new skills in a supportive group of other OD professionals.
    • See an unmet need in the organization and are willing to step up and fill it.
    • Can commit to attending monthly programs and board meetings, and are a member in good standing.

    We will also be seeking volunteers who would like to be a part of growing PNODN for the future, but with less commitment than a Board role. Please contact Rick Gage, our Directory of Community at to ask about volunteer opportunities!

    2023 Board of Directors

    Faith Addicott, MPA, MPOD (she/her/hers) is working to improve the intersection of work & life through the utilization of innovative and human centered process design. Faith specializes in process development, design thinking for public service, and holistic integration of strategic planning and implementation. Her consulting work has centered on social and environmental justice nonprofits, where she has done organizational assessments and strategic planning through participatory, strengths-based processes and championed inclusive workplace design.

    Faith has a robust understanding of the systems which define our world and the work we try to do. Inspired by the work of Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Peter Block, Margaret Wheatley and Randoph T. Hester, whose enlightened visions of systems change, design, and community engagement transformed her experience, Faith is looking to help heal broken communities and organizations. She is trained in Appreciative Inquiry, Restorative Justice, Holacracy, design thinking, systems thinking, the Art of Hosting, Intentional Change Theory, Resonant Leadership, and Organizational Diversity practices. She also holds a certificate in Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and Executive Coaching, and has Masterclass training in The Structure of Belonging with Peter Block. 

    Want to talk? Send Faith an email at

    Arielle T. Sullivan is a passionate change agent with deep expertise in the field of Organization Development. She brings a heightened awareness and intention to her client engagements, focusing on depth and higher purpose. She has experience leading large group interventions, culture change, senior leadership effectiveness, change navigation and organization design. Her vision is to leverage trans-organization capabilities and OD skills help systems become more conscious and sustainable. Arielle has held consulting roles both internally and externally in the U.S., France, Costa Rica, China, The Philippines and Indonesia. She has worked in retail, hospitality, aerospace, financial services, and telecommunications industries.  

    Arielle is currently a consultant with Designed Learning and builds Flawless Consulting capability within organizations. She also is a lead consultant with her evolving family business, Conscious Transformation Agents. Arielle serves as a board member of the Pacific Northwest Organization Development Network. Annually, she partners with the Asian Organization Development Network to deliver transformational conferences in Asia. Arielle has a B.A. in International Business from the University of Iowa and a Masters of Science in Organization Development from Pepperdine University. In her free time, she works within her local Seattle community to drive social and environmental change.

    Want to talk? Send Arielle an email at

    Azure Kraxberger-Unger, PsyD., originally from Alaska, currently works as a Revenue Cycle Education Specialist at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Her professional experience includes onboarding, employee engagement, organizational development, talent development, performance management, career coaching, recruitment, process improvement, and program management. Other professional areas of interest include learning & development, networking and corporate volunteering.

    Her educational background includes a BS in Psychology, MA in Organizational Psychology and Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD) in Organizational Consulting. She enjoys traveling, hiking, camping, gardening, SCUBA diving and volunteering for various causes in the Seattle community.

    Want to talk? Send Azure an email at

    Janice Jackson-Haley is a Human Resources Consultant with 20 years' high level management experience in leadership and organizational development. She excels at the full spectrum of human resource functions.  In her work she has been successful in analysis and resolution of challenges - with groundbreaking solutions proven to foster efficiency and amity. Her work focuses on encouraging and nurturing employer-employee relationships which leads to higher productivity levels, enhanced engagement, and increased morale.

    She is a change management leader for HR and DEIB initiatives, organizational development, and cultural transformations utilizing trauma informed strategies. Janice is a strategic thinker with proven ability to drive implementation with a systems perspective. She brings a strong business acumen with hands-on experience in the scope of human resources functions.  She is dedicated community leader with experience serving in a variety of civic and professional leadership roles.

    Want to talk?  Send Janice an email at

    Rick Gage - Since June 2020 I’ve been holding the question “what is the invitation of these times?” The answer that has emerged for me is “Connectedness”. For more than a decade now Compassion & Mindfulness @ Work have been my professional passions.

    There is just too much suffering in the workplace. It takes a massive toll on employees and their families. And the cost of lost opportunities for companies and organizations is huge. And there is tremendous upside for organizations that pay attention to community engagement, agency for every participant, stewardship of resources, and the fabric of workplace culture.

    For most of my career I was a line manager in sales and consulting organizations within very large companies serving large organization clients. OD was something I lived but not something I formally studied. Now, it is my privilege as a facilitator, coach and consultant to work with high impact organizations on engagement, leadership, team connectedness and organization culture.

    Beyond my work and professional passions, my family – particularly seven grandchildren are the beating heart of my life. They are my teachers.

    Want to talk? Send Rick an email at

    Chris Crosby is a consultant, Emotional Intelligence educator, and author of Strategic Organizational Alignment, published in 2016, and Strategic Engagement, published in 2018. Chris has roots that tie back to the explosion of Organization Development that started in 1946. His father, Robert Crosby, is his mentor of 29 years. Robert’s mentor of 29 years was Ronald Lippitt. Ronald Lippitt was one of Kurt Lewin’s top graduate students and part of the discovery of the T-Group.

    Chris has worked internal and external doing Organization Development. He uses his unique understanding of systems thinking and authority in the workplace to help organizations successfully navigate critical projects, redesigns, mergers, software implementations, and culture change.

    His leadership program uses a unique industry adapted Skills Training Group (T-Group) as the primary experiential learning method to build an engaged workforce that fosters ownership, commitment, alignment, and ultimately better business results. When not working, you may find him on Alki beach playing Volleyball.

    "PNODN" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

    PO Box 46107, Seattle, WA 98146

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