Board of Directors 2016 

William "Bud"  Wurtz  - President

Dr. William Wurtz, better known by his nickname, Bud, has been a change agent for over 35 years, mostly for Fortune 100 and 500 companies as well as in private practice. While his work has encompassed a wide variety of OD interventions, Bud has become known nationally and internationally as a leader in the creativity movement, the crucial space to work in as the global economy goes through an epochal transformation from its previous industrial model to a new one based on creativity and knowledge. 

Bud has always made continuous learning through involvement in and leadership of professional associations as part of his practice. For example, he started a OD SIG while president of the Kansas City ASTD chapter that was eventually spun off as the local affiliate of the OD Network. Bud earned the prestigious RODC (Registered Organization Development Consultant) designation from the OD Institute; published in the profession's flagship publication, The OD Journal; and earned certifications from NTL and been trained by such great OD thought leaders such as Peter Block, Marvin Weisbord, and Barry Oshry.


Joey Pauley - Past President

Prior to finding his calling in organizational development Joey managed web development and design teams. Now, groups and organizations such as University of Washington, Microsoft, Boeing, Nintendo, and Adobe value his expertise facilitating process improvement, group dynamics, team building, leadership development and strategic planning workshops. 


When he is not using proven group process techniques to reach customer goals you can find him instructing skiing and snowboarding or playing ultimate Frisbee. Learn more about his musing at or dial 206.651.5639 for a free consultation. 




Carol Turner - Treasurer/Secretary

Carol has been a professional organization advisor and executive coach for 20 years.  Her career at Boeing has given her the opportunity to work with many leaders and teams within the U.S. and in several other countries.

Her passion is training others to be the best consultant and leadership coach they can be.  She founded International Coach Institute, LLC, in 2009.  Her students graduate with advanced training in leadership coaching and leadership team coaching.

Combining consulting, coaching, and training is very powerful.  Carol's goal is to help others see the benefits of partnering with others to achieve the practical application of these skills.  Collaboration with other organizations will be fun and inspirational.  She hopes others will join PNODN to grow the ODN and partner with ICF and ATD members.

Kim Arellano

Kim Arellano spent 19 years in the high-tech industry working her way through will and talent from admin positions through sales positions and finally as a regional director of sales for a multi-billion dollar tech company. Kim has a talent for mobilizing leaders and creating strategic vision and direction. She is very goal oriented and organized in her approach, while maintaining an atmosphere of support and encouragement of ideas.

As Kim progressed through her career she found that she had a growing interest in tackling a difficult problem she observed in her corporate tenure— a lack of understanding in how to create a space for innovation and creativity to thrive in the workplace. As a leader she often felt there was a better way to secure even more corporate success that embraces the human potential to be highly effective. Kim’s vision, mission and passion are to help corporate America encourage a humanistic approach to the workforce. She believes that by capturing and empowering creativity of individual workers, organizations can create the next wave of innovation through empowering healthy intrinsic motivation, and minimizing personal, departmental and generational conflict. This effort requires a deeper understanding of systems thinking, human motivation and behavior, all of which highlight Kim’s demonstrated skills and talents.

Kim holds a B.S. degree in Human Services Management and Masters of Science in Psychology, with a focus on organizational psychology. She is currently a doctoral student studying Millennial Leadership and organizational systems at Saybrook University. Kim is a trusted Practitioner and Human Resources Professional (PHR), who works within organizations to identify areas of leadership to ensure organizational success. She is a member of the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP) as well as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Kim Arellano lives where she grew up in the Snoqualmie Valley for over 33 years. She is a wife and a loving mother of two wonderful children. As a woman business owner herself, she is devoted to mentorship and support of mission driven organizations and causes.

Jeremy Meeds

Jeremy is an independent Organizational Development consultant who specializes in organizational transformation and process consultation. He has a particular interest in facilitating the healing process of organizations who have experienced trauma and teaching groups how to create from an enlightened space, drawing on the work of Otto Scharmer's Theory U and Ken Wilber's Four Quadrant model. His experiences includes graduate work at Antioch University and the Leadership Institute of Seattle where he earned an M.A. in Organizational Psychology and graduate certificates in Organizational Systems and Integrated Skills for Sustainable Change. He is currently working on creating his career and is doing some pro-bono work for a global startup called Glacia Nova and Community He is also partnering with a colleague on creating a consulting firm called Creative Partnerships. On the side, he has been facilitating A Course in Miracles group for 2 1/2 years.

Marcia Teixeira

Marcia Teixeira, Principal, Marcia Teixeira Coaching and Consulting LLC

As a Professional Coach and Organization Development Consultant, Marcia uses kindness and transparency aligned with operational excellence to help individuals, teams, and organizations cultivate healthier work and personal relationships to become more collaborative, high-performing, and capable of meeting their personal and business goals.

With over 30 years’ experience in corporate organizations, including 20 years at Microsoft, where she built and managed cross-functional and multi-cultural teams in Latin America and the United States, Marcia has designed and led projects that enabled organizational change, simplified decision making, and strengthened employee engagement.

She holds a Master’s degree in Organization Development from Saybrook University and an MBA from Universidade São Paulo. She serves as a board member for the Pacific Northwest Organizational Development Network (PNODN) and is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). Marcia is a life-long learner committed to enabling herself and others to live intentional, relevant, and happy lives and to contribute to progress in the world.



Magda Kaspary  

Magda has developed her career since 1995 in the intersection of Human Resources, Organization Development and System Thinking for different industries (manufacturing, hospitality and consulting).

From Brazil, Magda has a BA in Business Administration with a major in HR, a two-year specialization in HR Management, an 18 month training in Group Dynamics by the Brazilian Society for Group Dynamics, and a Masters degree in Social Psychology with a research on Group Process in Team Management. The interest for this topic took her to Vietnam in 2013, where she was the recipient of the Margaret Mead Student Award given by International Society for Systems Sciences (ISSS) for her work Complex Thought and Systems Thinking Connecting Group Process and Team Management: New Lenses for Social Transformation in a Work Environment during the 57th Annual ISSS Conference.
In 2012, Magda obtained HR Certificate by the University of Washington and achieved her Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership in 2014, where she developed two researches: Interdisciplinary HR and Interdisciplinary Workplaces.

Outside of her studies, Magda is the Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair of the LWHRA - Lake Washington Human Resource Association, where she hosts a SIG - Special Interest Group to discuss the connection between HR and other disciplines. Magda is a member of PNODN - Pacific Northwest Organizational Development Network, a proud mother and wife.


Pooja A. Patel 

Currently pursuing an Master's in Organizational Development. Prior to establishing her foundations in OD, she provided business consulting advice to  mid to large size companies.  Pooja also has had experience with OD work in startup industry in Seattle.  When she is not working with members at  PNODN, she enjoys hiking, dancing, and spending time with her English bulldogs. 








David Wigglesworth  - Newsletter Editor

David C. Wigglesworth, Ph.D. is a retired management and organization development consultant. His forty year sole practitioner consultancy led to assignments that took him throughout the U.S. and to over a dozen countries. He is widely published and has been a keynote presenter at national and international conferences.







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